CUEIM’s activities harness a series of tools which would be difficult to replicate in other organisations. The synergy of the cycle of accumulating and then implementing
knowledge adds to our awareness and to the significance our thoughts and actions take on within a specific environmental context, through processes of:

  • enhancing the knowledge present within the CUEIM network and putting it to good use. Indeed, the connections of CUEIM’s unique and unparalleled network make it possible to activate the knowledge of the twenty-six associate Universities, and also of most of the Universities in Italy;
  • strengthening the network’s local roots within an overall systemic vision, supporting the activities of local branches based on the organisation’s guiding values;
  • developing relations with local authorities, which are essential interlocutors in the search for new ways of sustaining local growth processes;
  • growth with qualified new public and private sector partners for research projects.

Its action is developed in the following areas: Environment and Energy, Innovation and smart city, Natural and cultural Heritage.

CUEIM arises as a point of connection between the knowledge resources of the university and application of know-how coming from public and private organizations.

It works in various fields related to a single industry: the production of knowledge, research, services, scientific dissemination and training.For each research project, an ad hoc working group is formed, selected from the various branches of the CUEIM network.

Scientific and tehchnical skills

Main Project Experiences

  • E–Renewable Energy and Smart Grid – Smart City & Community
  • Biofuel from Microalghe – Italian Ministry for Research
  • Innovative Means to PROtect WAter Resources – Egypt, Israel
  • Sustainable Agroenergy models in the Amazonian area – Parà – Brazil
  • «District Energy Plan of the Plain of Sybaris» – Calabria
  • “High Technology District for Cultural Heritage” – Campania
  • Tangible and intangible assets – UNESCO – Italian Ministry for Agricultural Policies
  • National strategies for renewable energy – Italian Ministry for the Environment
  • Optimization of the Emissions Trading System – Italian Ministry for Research
  • Innovative distribution solutions for the distinctiveness of Italian wine – Campania
  • The Rating between banks, companies and territory
  • Internationalization as a strategy to combat the crisis phenomena
  • Institutional communication in new media – EXPOSCUOLA 2015
  • Summer School for Sustainable Development
  • Promotion and dissemination of road safety in schools