Dec 10, 2017

A project for a complete advanced energy system based on mass cultivation of microalgae in transparent photo-bioreactors to competitively and eco-sustainably produce renewable energy and other products

CUEIM designed and presented the project “ALGHAE” within the framework of first Action Line of the NOP (National Operational Programme) for Research and Competitiveness 2010-2017.
The project has been realized and presented by six subjects’ co-proposers and actuators, among which three are public and private research centers, such as CUEIM, and three SMEs locally based. In addition, two consultancy specialized bodies have participated to the development and accomplishment of the research project.
The project approved by the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific and Technological Research (MIUR) started in October 2011, it was completed in September 2014.
The project activities were developed within the Convergence Area, in Calabria, with activities mainly concentrated in Locride, which is one of the most marginal and difficult area in the Region. This disadvantaged aspect of the area is crucial to mostly emphasize and enhance the scientific merit and the possible future industrial reflections of the project initiative.


The project aims to conceive, model and consolidate, after a prototype and revision on field, a complex massive cultivation industrial system of microalgae, possibly oleaginous, for obtaining sustainable energy output (e.g. bio-gas and possibly new-generation bio-fuel) primarily. Besides, the cultivation of further and more niche products, but with higher added value (e.g. nutrients, fertilizers, fertilizers, etc.) are not excluded.


The project had envisaged multiple activities in order to achieve its functional objectives.
In 2012, project activities substantially focused on studies and research (especially undertaken through pilot test and laboratory experiments), and project design and planning.
These latter have been released jointly with previous activities relate to the design, arrangement and preparation of the prototype and experimental field.
In 2013, the start-up and running activities of the searched system field were implemented, with the resulting revisions and improvements of project design and management, and the general model to be identified and strengthened.

Intended for

The project is co-funded and monitored by the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific and Technological Research (MIUR).

Research Output

The implementation phase of the research project have produced semi-annual progress intermediate technical reports as support the concrete experience of the demonstration field or pilot for the verification and settlement of the general and replicable conceptual model.

The reason for which semi-annual progress intermediate technical reports have been included is relate to a 1st level Master’s program at the partner University of Calabria (UNICAL) and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment (MATTM) and Reggio Calabria Confindustria, which is associated with the research project.

At last, the CUEIM has realised a specific scientific publication and an event in order to present the project experience as a whole.